Terms and Conditions

Dramalam Performing Arts, May 2024

Enrolment & Payments 

1. All class fee payments are paid via our Class4Kids booking system 

2. Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been received for enrolment. Paid for spaces will be given priority. 

3. Fees are paid on the 1st of the month via automatic card payment 

4. Your first month's subscription payment may be higher than your usual monthly amount, to cover the cost of any classes between the point of enrolment and the following month. This amount is dependant on which point of the month you enrol and will be confirmed in an automated email via the Class4Kids system.

5. Fees are the cost of the whole years worth of classes, split into 12 equal monthly payments 

6. An annual enrolment fee of £20 is due at the time of enrolment and every August thereafter 

7. Fees are still due if you are unable to make it to class due to your own circumstances 

8. Where a class may need to be cancelled, for example, due to COVID-19 regulations or bad weather, an online alternative or another date will be offered 

9. Class fees are not inclusive of performances, and additional payments may be required to take part in productions 

10. Payments will be returned if a class has to be cancelled due to minimum numbers not being achieved. 

11. If your child no longer wishes to attend Dramalam Performing Arts, please give us 1 months notice in writing to our email address admin@dramalamperformingarts.com 
Once notice is received, one more payment will be required on the 1st of the following month before your subscription is cancelled. 

12. If your child takes more than one Dramalam class, for example ballet & Hiphop, and chooses to drop a class, 1 months notice in writing is required to our email address admin@dramalamperformingarts.com
Once notice is receieved, one more payment will be required on the 1st of the following month before you subscription changes.

13. Late Fees- Any late payments received after the 6th of each month, will be subject to late fees. On the 7th of each month, a late fee of £7.50 will be added to your ClassForKids account and every subsequent 7 days until fees are paid. In the case of owed fees being later than the 14th of the month, your child may not be permitted entry to class until fees are up to date, and any missed classes will still be chargeable. 

Pay 12 months up front and receive Free birthday party offer

- Only 20 spaces are available for this offer for Dramalam students
- If for any reason, your child decides to leave within the 12 month period, you will not be eligible for a refund
- Annual enrolment fee is still due on the 1st August
- Any additional payments for performances and events will not be included
- If your child wishes to add on an additional class in future, this will be charged at the usual monthly rate
- Pay up front option only available until 30th June 2024. June and July fees for current season will still be applicable.(We will re-open this option next year too!)
- Party can be booked for any Saturday or Sunday afternoon until June 30th 2025. Please let us know your dates ASAP. 


1. Answers to parent queries cannot be given whilst the relevant teacher is in class, however we will always endeavour to deliver a response as soon as we can and staff reserve the right to determine if the matter in question requires an urgent response 

2. All questions and queries from parents and carers can be made via call, text or WhatsApp on 07515 145601; email on admin@dramalamperformingarts.com or via our Dramalam Facebook & Instagram pages 

3. You must declare all medical conditions during registration and keep us up-to-date should this change by emailing admin@dramalamperformingarts.com
Class Etiquette 

1. Dramalam or any of their staff are not responsible for any loss or injury during the class. 

2. Designated uniform must be worn in each class. A detailed uniform list is available on request and will be issued at the point of enrolment 

3. You must refrain from bringing your child to class if they have had any form of illness within 48 hours of the class. 

4. Dramalam reserve the right to remove from our programme, without refund, anyone who is found to be bullying, misbehaving or displaying disruptive behaviour. 

5. No jewellery to be worn at any time 

6. No fizzy drinks or junk food consumed at classes. Please bring a water bottle or bottle of diluting juice, with name marked on it 

7. All rubbish must be put in the bins. Students are expected to work together to help keep our class venues clean and tidy 

8. Commitment, attendance and good time keeping are expected at all times 

9. It is the responsibility of students to catch up on any missed work due to absence 

10. Home practice out with class is essential for progress and development 

11. Late comers may not be allowed to join in a class if it has already started 


1.Dramalam Performing Arts does not guarantee a set amount of numbers for each student within a production 

2. We will always do our best to allow all students to shine, however if students don’t know the material well enough, they may be in limited numbers 

3. The type of production may vary from year to year 

4. Students must be available for extra rehearsals prior to productions. Dramalam will endeavour to issue a schedule via email as far in advance as possible to allow for planning 




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Terms and Conditions

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